Stepping up and stepping in: Christina Dring

Tue, Aug 22 2017

Credit: Laszlo Geczo

Following a whirlwind move from Carrigaline United to Cork City Women’s FC; Christina Dring has been thriving at the Rebel Army with two three games for City.


Summing up the landmark move; the 17 year old forward is relishing her time both on and off the pitch at Bishopstown.


“It has been the best it could be really. I mean, I trained with the squad for a couple of months and after a good bit of training the manager brought me aside and said that they would like to sign me.


“I didn’t know what to expect going into it though, because he said he could not guarantee match time. I went in not knowing would I play that much. The first game I went on for the last fifteen minutes which I was thrilled with; even that small bit, the next match I played again which was good for me because it showed the management had faith in me even though I was new to the team.”


Still in secondary school; Christina walked into a dressing room featuring Irish internationals such as Amanda Budden and Ciara McNamara. Describing the experience she said, “It was a bit surreal really. They are all players that I would have known of, but when you are sitting there with them you start to think of yourself on the same level as them. Talking to then, being in the dressing room with them, getting to know them and being on the same pitch as them is fantastic.”


Back to basics however; she was quick to point out the change of game at National League level, “It has been quite a big step up to be honest, the level Carrigaline would be playing at is definitely not up to the level of national league. The matches are so much faster paced, the intensity is so much higher, the other teams don’t really have a weakness anywhere and the other teams, you don’t get a second to think when you are on the ball and if you make a mistake they are straight in there. With Carrigaline you get a lot more time on the ball.


“Going into training first it was a very big step up. In Carrigaline we might have a small few at training and we would kick around a ball. At City training the coaches know exactly what they are doing planning for the matches ahead and everything is quick and fast. I took some time to adjust to that high intensity, but I think it is good for my development as a player to play and train with players who are from a higher level than me because it always demands more from you”